Mapping Africa Transformations


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Women and conflict

Over the last decade, conflicts have become more violent and widespread in West Africa and women and girls pay a high price

Women and climate change in the Sahel

This paper explores the gendered impacts of climate change in the Sahel

Financing for gender equality

Official development assistance (ODA) for Gender Equality in West Africa has increased in recent years

Dangerous border areas

In the past decade, one third of the incidents of political violence that have caused casualties in the region have taken place within 50-km of a land border

Long term trends across security and development in the Sahel

This paper offers a broad overview of the current situation in the Sahel paying attention to the intersecting and overlapping issues of security and development

Gender disparities in trade networks

Women face many obstacles limiting their participation in trade including: education-related challenges, poorer access to information and markets, male-dominated distribution networks, time and mobility constraints, and greater difficulties in complying with regulatory and procedural requirements

Integrating gender analysis into food & nutrition security early warning systems in West Africa

Integrating gender dimensions into early warning systems is critical to support equitable crisis prevention and response